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Contribue à renforcer le système immunitaire
Contribue à la santé cardiovasculaire
Contribue à réguler le cholestérol
Contribue à la récupération musculaire
Contribue à la régulation du transit intestinal
Contribue à réguler le stress et à améliorer l’humeur
Contribue à améliorer le sommeil
  • 32% de protéines
  • Riche en acides gras oméga-3 et 6
  • Profil complet d’acides aminés
  • Calcium, fer, phosphore, magnésium, zinc et potassium

Organic shelled hemp seeds from France

  • Description

    Did you know ?

    Hemp seeds are the seeds of the plant Cannabis sativa, but do not contain cannabidiol or THC. They are therefore a safe food with excellent nutritional properties. They taste similar to that of hazelnut.

    They contain nutrients the body needs to fight inflammation, improve circulation, and prevent many diseases . These seeds contain nutrients that support cardiovascular health by helping to balance cholesterol and fat.

    Their fiber content contributes to digestive health and the prevention of colorectal cancer . Organic hemp seeds can help strengthen our immune system, boost our metabolism, and prevent many types of cancer .


    Hemp fiber was widely used in Antiquity as a raw material for the manufacture of fabrics, bags, ropes, rugs ... For its virtues, this plant has accompanied humans throughout almost all of its history.


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