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médecine naturelle


Phytotherapy: the oldest medicine: plants have long been the main source of remedies to relieve diseases.


Set of natural methods used to maintain health (prevention) or for therapeutic purposes (eg: phytotherapy, homeopathy, acupuncture, etc.).

Naturopathy strives to tackle problems in a holistic way. She avoids "symptom-suppressors" such as analgesics, antipyretics etc ... and prefers, as far as possible to approach the "field" in which the disease occurs.
Herbal medicine
Herbal medicine. As old as life on earth!
Animals and all peoples have used plants for therapeutic purposes. Allopathy still uses plants in 40% of its preparations, but the method of preparation differs. It uses extracts (active ingredients) while in herbal medicine whole plants or parts of plants (roots, leaves, etc.) are used in herbal teas, decoctions, mother tinctures, essential oils (aromatherapy), spagyria, etc.
Aromatherapy consists of treatment with essential oils. They are a natural extract of plants or aromatic trees, obtained by steam distillation. Essential oils contain active ingredients that are highly effective for a number of health problems. They must be prescribed by competent persons; their use is not without contraindication.
The harmonizers of Dr E. Bach
Certain higher order wild flowers, bushes or trees, because of their high vibrations, have the power to raise our own vibrational frequencies. Adapted to the various human personalities, they have the faculty to release our potential, thus allowing us to go beyond our sufferings.

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Spagyric medicine and health maintenance

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In the field of natural remedies, spagyria occupies a significant place.A natural remedy like herbal medicine, homeopathy, Bach flowers and Schüssler salts, spagyria unites the potential of all these therapies in a coherent therapeutic system. in itself and based above all on the search for the root cause of diseases.

Plants are at the center of this therapeutic system: during the complex process of transforming the plant into a spagyric essence, the plant's energy healing potential develops.

For the spagyrist, the plant is not only a source of many active ingredients, some of which can be extracted, but it also has a hidden therapeutic force that can be released and even potentiated by a complex process resulting from the 'alchemy.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Application areas

Spagyric essences according to Dr. Zimpel have a wide range of applications. The basic principle is that the body is able to rebalance itself and regain health with the help of the healing power of herbal mixtures.

Spagyria can help relieve many illnesses, both acute and chronic. In addition, Spagyria is very suitable for prophylactic treatment.
This natural therapy is radically different from therapies aimed solely at the suppression of the symptom. The objective is to identify the cause of the disorders, the triggering factor, in order to target the treatment to ensure a cure.

Depending on the symptoms and specifics, each patient may receive an individually prepared spagyric mixture.

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I attach particular importance to working globally on three levels:

  • Body (physical-symptomatic)

  • Soul (emotional)

  • Spirit (mental and spiritual)

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