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Health is more of a hot topic than ever. The alarm bells are sounding! The growing number of patients and new pathologies keep increasing. And traditional medicine is often powerless.

What can I offer you as a naturopath?

I am not a doctor but I can advise you, guide you as a health educator while passing on my knowledge with kindness. I would like to make you responsible for your health capital and increase your existing potential in accordance with an adapted lifestyle. We will create a diet, mental and physical activity program based on your needs and abilities.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I do not impose my own functioning on you, but I adapt to you. I give you tools that will lead you to your self-healing and to prevent the arrival of new diseases. I will ask you questions during the first meeting and a vitality assessment will be done. Thus, I can personalize for you the techniques and the rules of hygiene of life to be put in place.

I offer you solutions adapted to your symptoms or to a lifestyle to change. You will use them or not. You take responsibility for it. Again, I'm not forcing anything on you. Our meetings will always be full of benevolence, in dialogue and exchange. In the event that you transgress the rules of an ideal hygiene of life, it will be without judgment. When the relationship is positive, the results can only be beneficial.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

I will help you to know yourself better, how your body works and to understand the mechanisms of life.

Your body is that perfect vehicle that is too often overlooked. Don't give it up! You have to listen to your attractions like your reluctance towards foods or flavors to be more in tune with yourself. Pay attention to the needs of your body because it knows better than anyone what is good for it. I would like to advise you to help you strengthen your vitality, protect your body, recover and rebuild your strengths.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Naturopathy can be self-sufficient. Remember that the practitioner is not a substitute for the doctor. In the event of severe pathology, we work in addition to traditional medicine.

A little history

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Hippocrates Greek philosopher, born in 460 BC is recognized as the father of modern medicine. It is also the ancestor of dietetics combining diet and lifestyle with the dysfunction of the body. Naturopathy is still strongly influenced by its principles. Listening to the needs of the body, this is what he provided. This treatment technique was renowned and applied from antiquity until the 17th century.

The principles of Hippocrates are as follows:

  • " May your meat be your only medecine. "

  • "Man must harmonize body and mind."

  • "The strength that is in each of us is our greatest doctor"

  • "If you are sick, first find out what you did to become sick."

  • "Health is earned, gained and defended day after day by methods provided by nature and not by medicine."

He was a naturopath!

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

Still relevant, the principles of Hippocrates and naturopathy are part of a healthy lifestyle taking into account the whole being. Also thanks to scientific advances concerning the benefits of plants, and a healthy diet, relaxation, physical activity, sleep. This practice is not recent, it has been proven since antiquity. Modern society has given it back its place of honor.

Pierre-Valentin Marchesseau is the father of naturopathy in France.

TAKE A VITALITY ASSESSMENT, you will thus establish the complete panorama of your vital potential, your heredity, your temperament, your deficiencies, your imbalances and your deficiencies.

I suggest:

- a vitality assessment, a personalized food adjustment

- sophrology

- craniosacrum osteopathy

- yoga

- dance (movements) therapy

- techniques of helping relationship, psycho-emotional and positive psychology

You should allow between 1 hour and 2 hours of maintenance, including:

- a complete vitality assessment

- a complete history (very detailed systemic questionnaire)

- the drafting of a Vital Hygiene program including:

  1. a food reform

  2. advice on relaxation and mental, nervous and psychological hygiene

  3. advice on physical exercises and movements

  4. phytotherapy and aromatherapy advice

  5. food supplements

  6. additional advice

  7. the use of Bach flowers and a personalized remedy

  8. a recommended bibliography

Yeux et sourcils
Yeux et sourcils

D’après le proverbe, « les yeux sont le miroir de l’âme », ils seraient également le miroir du corps et de son état de santé. Hippocrate, père de la médecine, disait à ce propos “tel sont les yeux, tel est le corps”.


L’iridologie étudie la partie colorée de l’œil, l’iris, pour apprécier l’état de santé global d’une personne. En complément de l’analyse morphologique et de l'étude des antécédents médicaux , l’iridologie est un outil majeur du naturopathe afin d’appréhender la vitalité d’un individu, son « terrain » ainsi que ses forces et faiblesses organiques.


La biorésonance, thérapie du futur, est une Médecine Quantique à usage thérapeutique et de bien être. Il s’agit d’une thérapie héritée de la Médecine Traditionnelle et enrichie des nouvelles technologies de la Médecine Quantique.

Elle se fonde sur l’analyse des fréquences émises par les cellules du corps et le “rééquilibrage” des ondes perturbées par l’influence du mode de vie, de l’alimentation moderne et de l’environnement, provoquant malaises indéfinis, fatigue inexpliquée, dérangements physiques graves : allergies, maladies chroniques et récurrentes.

Le système de biorésonance permet un scanning non invasif du corps physique et émotionnel.

La biorésonance permet alors :

  • Un bilan de santé non invasif de l’organisme de très haute qualité.

  • La détection de virus ou bactéries, parasites et inversion de leur processus évolutif.

  • Une évaluation complète du terrain et une action sur la prévention.

  • La définition du caractère évolutif d’une pathologie.

  • Une analyse des conditions changeantes de l’organisme avant et après un traitement.

  • Le test des médicaments ou compléments alimentaires .


Analyse du sang vivant

Le sang est le reflet de notre terrain c’est-à-dire l’image de notre santé. Il est le reflet de notre état général et/ou de nos maladies. Le Terrain et la constitution sont étroitement liés. Ils sont notre force de vie. Avec une goutte de sang et quelques minutes pour vous, vous obtenez une image représentative de votre état actuel de santé.

L’utilisation de l’analyse microscopique à fond noir du sang périphérique frais sur lame était autrefois largement répandue en médecine, permettant une première et immédiate évaluation de l’état de santé des composants corpusculaires du sang.

Biologiste des plantes
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