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Anger, guilt, sadness, discouragement are emotions that you feel regularly? Would you like to understand your own emotional world and receive concrete tools to better manage your emotions, in all spheres of your life?
Know that it is quite possible to choose your emotions and find an emotional balance! What troubles things is not the things, but the judgments that we pass on these things. Epithet

I am a certified Louise Hay teacher and a therapist specializing in emotional management. I work with Lise Bourbeau's Listen to Your Body approach which aims to help you better understand your own emotional world. That is to say, learn to manage your emotions in a more realistic way, which will allow you to decrease their intensity, in order to make room for new, more pleasant emotions.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

2-day or 10-session workshops

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

My passion and my love for human beings made me want to seek answers to the questions that most people ask themselves. What's going on inside of me? What is happiness ? Why, I often have the impression of reliving the same events over and over again? Who am I ... and who would I like to be? Why do I react this way when I would like to react differently? What are my desires, my aspirations?

Unfortunately, dealing with emotions was not taught to us in school. So what's the best way to deal with your emotions in the school of life?

First, it is necessary to accept what are there and have the desire to change them, because yes, our emotions, we can choose them!

So, feeling them, welcoming them, identifying them and naming them in order to be able to express them are important steps in the management of our emotions.

Then become aware of my inner language. What are the ideas that I maintain in order to be able to compare them with reality? Can I prove to myself that what I say to myself is true, false or doubtful?

Finally, changing my unrealistic ideas that cause me unpleasant emotions by realistic ideas that will help me decrease the intensity of my emotions or make them disappear.

Learning to manage your emotions takes place gradually and it is quite possible to be happy and to find the balance between your head and your heart.

My goal as a therapist is to help you manage your emotions more skillfully by helping you, with concrete tools and helping you prove to yourself, that there is no one and no event that has the power to help you. cause an emotion, because everything is happening inside of us!

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This workshop is for you who want to move forward and live a fulfilling life.

Get ready to transform your life! Are you ready to join us in this wonderful adventure?

Through this workshop you will discover how:

♥ Rebalance your life

♥ Boost your self-confidence and self-esteem

♥ Develop awareness of your negative beliefs

♥ Control your emotions and free yourself from the past

♥ Learn to love yourself, while loving others more deeply

♥ Identify your family dynamic and its obstacles to the circulation of love

♥ Work on your body, mind, emotions and heart to transform your life

♥ Learn to use affirmations

♥ Discover the joy of being creative and the magic of becoming yourself

Why a two-day seminar?

This formula allows you to take a total break from your daily activities and focus 100% on leading your life in the direction you want and deserve. This is why I ask you to think only of yourself, and to be sure that this break, away from your activities, your family and your friends, will have a beneficial influence that will transform you. Both the people around you and yourself will benefit from the new energy you are about to release, the new person you are ready to become.
Give yourself this gift, you deserve it! No prerequisite. All the equipment needed for the workshop is provided on site.

Who can follow him?

Women, men, adolescents (from 16 years old), mothers and their children, those who come as a couple, or with friends, or those who come alone. Anyone who wants to change their life to lead a healthier, happier and wiser existence. I think that everyone can see this workshop as a contribution to the development of their personal skills.

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Testimonials from the workshop over two days:

“This seminar changed my life! This method is better than all those hours spent in a therapist's office. I found answers and ideas to my problems in 1 weekend! It's fast and drastic. I have become addicted to this method! "

AP, Paris, France

“Unconditional love. Everyone should treat themselves to this magical gift. "

Elisabeth Calas, Fontenay, France

“This is the school of life! "

IP, Lausanne, Switzerland

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Registration Form :

To register, please contact us at the email address:



Your essential resource

As a former engineer who gave up everything to live out her passions, I am often asked:

"How did you get started on this adventure?" "

and my answer is: I wanted to be me and love myself as I am. But how do you get there?

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Seven principles of self-love

● Know yourself and be yourself.

● Accept yourself exactly as you are. ● Take care of yourself and your needs. ● Stop criticizing .. Start enjoying .. ● Treat your body like your temple. ● Set your limits and learn to say no. ● Let yourself be loved unconditionally.

Many people spend a great deal of their life trying to be someone else to please others, so much so that they forget their essence. So, to begin with, it is important to get to know yourself.

It's amazing how many quizzes and personality tests there are to determine who we are. We seek to be categorized.

This work is not intended to put you in a category, but to get to know yourself on a deeper level so that you can love and accept yourself as you are. Perhaps you have been so busy in your life that you never took the time to find out for yourself your likes, dislikes, needs and wants.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

so why not discover it together :)

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