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The pregnant woman represents a particular support for any sophrologist. The
sophrology is now recognized for the support it offers when a desire
of child, then of pregnancy and finally of birth.
Preparation for birth is comprehensive care that today takes into account
the body, but also the mind. Sophrology is an extension of these methods
of accompaniments.

Pregnancy is one of the biggest events in a woman's life. So many questions, doubts, fears and worries arise during this period that it is very judicious to be accompanied through various gentle and natural methods such as prenatal sophrology, meditation, prenatal singing, flower essences ...

In my practice, I receive you for individual and personalized sessions to support your pregnancy. Whatever your goal:

  • Live your pregnancy serenely on a daily basis

  • Manage fears (blood tests, childbirth, losing your baby, pain, etc.)

  • Preparing for childbirth with or without an epidural

  • Encourage falling asleep

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

During a prenatal sophrology session through relaxation techniques, breathing, body movements and positive visualizations, you will learn to acquire better harmony between your body and your mind while gaining self-confidence.

Sophrology also allows you to connect with your baby and create a bond even before birth. We will work on the connection with the baby through visualization exercises, we will focus on the feelings in the belly, on the baby's movements, the baby's heartbeat ...

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

After several sophrology sessions as well as a little regular practice at home, sophrology will allow you on D-day to control your childbirth and not to undergo it. During childbirth sophrology allows you to learn to:

  • Control the pain of uterine contractions

  • Recover between 2 contractions

  • Oxygenate your body and that of your baby

  • Accompany your baby

From the start of your 2nd trimester, you can come and be accompanied in order to best prepare your childbirth. You can of course come from the 1st trimester to live your pregnancy serenely on a daily basis, stimulate your vitality, manage your fears or your stress ...

A prenatal sophrology session lasts 1h15, a tailor-made package can be offered for personalized support throughout your pregnancy depending on the frequency of appointments. You can of course come with your partner at no extra charge.

In order to better help you during your pregnancy, if I deem it necessary, I will supplement you with other natural techniques to make this period as magical and gentle as possible for you and your baby.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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Created in 1960 by a Colombian neuropsychiatrist, Alfonso Caycedo, the goal of sophrology is to help you visualize your childbirth in a positive way, by imagining it in advance. For that, I would explain to you how to become aware of your body mentally and physically. By concentrating, you will be able to better control your emotions, so as not to have the childbirth, but to live it fully. Thanks to relaxation exercises, you will gain self-confidence, overcome your fears and better control pain. More serene, you will be able to relax at the time of childbirth, because in a way, you will have the impression of having already lived this moment.

You can start preparing for childbirth from the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy, when your tummy begins to round. During group lessons, given by a sophrologist, you will learn to breathe while controlling your breath, to relax and release all tensions to reach a state of semi-sleep.
Sitting or lying down, you listen to the voice of the sophrologist while closing your eyes. You enter a state of semi-sleep where you learn to breathe, relax and release all your tensions.
Exercises that help you visualize your childbirth and play down this event by making it positive. To do well, record the lessons and play back the tapes at home to practice!

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