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Calcium promotes good bone health and muscle contractility

Magnesium provides its "anti-fatigue" properties on neuromuscular excitability

Phosphorus helps stabilize blood pH

The almond is also a source of vitamin B1 and B2, involved in the energy supply from carbohydrates.

Its high energy value also promotes restitution of energy stocks after exercise.

The high content of vitamin E gives it an important antioxidant power, helping to neutralize free radicals produced during exercise, thus promoting the elimination of toxic peroxides, and cell healing.

  • 50% protein
  • 20% fiber
  • <1% saturated fat
  • Ultra soluble and digestible
  • Excellent taste

Organic almond protein from Italy

  • Description

    Our 100% natural vegetable protein guaranteed without additives is extracted from raw, organic and whole almonds. They are a g reat source of energy and protein. They contain all essential amino acids and are distinguished by their high fiber content.

    Highly digestible and low in carbohydrates ...

    almond organic protein powder is recommended for vegetarians, vegans and athletes who wish to supplement their diet (or for those who wish to start using the protein powder).

    Rich in L-Arginine

    Arginine is an amino acid that plays a key role in a series of cell functions, including muscle growth, reduction of body fat, detoxification of the liver, and improvement of the immune system.

    It is the precursor of nitric oxide (NO), a potent neurotransmitter that helps relax blood capillaries, thereby improving irrigation and circulation. Taken before training, it increases muscle congestion.

    High aspartic acid content

    One of the two forms of aspartic acid is that of aspartic acid D which is primarily known to increase the release of a hormone in the brain resulting in the production of testosterone.


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