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Helps fight against aging
Helps reduce inflammation
Help in weight loss
Helps reduce stress
Helps improve concentration and memory
Stimulates the immune system
Helps lower cholesterol
Helps detoxify

  • Soluble
  • Rich in antioxidants and chlorophyll
  • Vitamin C and potassium
  • High content of the amino acid L-theanine

Premium Organic Matcha Tea from Japan

  • Description

    Did you know ?

    A few weeks before being collected, the tea bushes are covered with a cloth to cause the leaves to grow in the dark, thus giving them a better flavor / texture while strengthening the production of amino acids which soften the taste of tea and increase its level of catechins.

    Thus these young tea leaves (called "tencha" ) darken and produce a greater amount of chlorophyll.

    They are then selected by hand and carefully crushed using stone grinders to obtain a very fine light green powder: matcha.

    Rich in catechin

    Besides theine, all teas contain many other beneficial substances: essential oils, tannins, enzymes and phenolic compounds.

    But matcha tea has particular nutritional qualities due to its richness in catechins, an antioxidant that strengthens the immune system, prevents cancer and fights against cholesterol.

    While green tea is consumed as an infusion, matcha tea powder is soluble and is added directly to hot water, which allows all of its properties to be taken advantage of.



    It has been consumed in Japanese tea ceremonies since the 16th century. It was the Buddhist monk Eisai who, in 1191, brought this ground tea from China to Japan.

    Today the Japanese adore it for its anti-aging action and in particular against the appearance of wrinkles but also because it prevents all inflammatory and degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer's.


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